Falcon Hybrid System

MILD HYBRID for inboard combustion engines with sterndrive





Motor torque


Falcon I is the MILD-HYBRID kit specially developed to convert inboard engines with sterndrives. The kit consists of a Thor inboard with respective accessories, an automatic clutch and an ECU that interfaces directly with the engine control units. Controlling the system through a single throttle and a single display keeps operation simple and intuitive for the user. There are three navigation modes, hybrid/electric-only/combustion-only. When the electric motor is not in use, it switches to generator and recharges the battery. The kits are developed directly with the engine manufacturers so as not to compromise their operation and warranty.

Compatible engines
Hyundai SeasAll S250S / S270S
Mercury Diesel 3.0L 250 / 270
Volvo Penta D4-260
Total dimensions LxWxH
Hyundai SeasAll: 1140 x 1027 x 806 mm
Mercury Diesel 3.0L: 1131 x 1062 x 783 mm
Volvo Penta D4: 1143 x 1042 x 872 mm
Power & Torque
20 kW a 2000 rpm / 128 Nm at shaft
Nominal Voltage
250 V
Cooling system
Motor and inverter liquid-cooled
90 kg (motor and mechanical parts only)

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