CA.NA.VE. certified the four new municipal police boats powered by the Falcon hybrid system produced by Huracan Marine.


The municipality of Venice has long been demonstrating a remarkable sensitivity to eco-sustainability and great attention to the fragility of the city and its lagoon area.
At the end of November 2023, CA.NA.VE., one of Venice's most important shipyards, certified RINA the four boats built for the Venice Municipal Police.
These are hybrid-powered boats driven by Huracan Marine's Falcon Hybrid system on a 270-hp Mercury D3.0 inboard diesel engine.
Compared to the previous hybrid installations made by Huracan Marine for the Venetian lagoon, in this case there are two driving positions, one outside in the bow and one inside below deck, specifically required for the particular use of these boats.
The need for a lot of usable space in the cabin also required the construction of a battery for powering the electric motor that was specially shaped to be installed under the cauldron.

These achievements were also made possible by the special design competence and flexibility of Huracan Marine systems.